And lessons learned
through stories told, and lessons earned.

Each path we take
our journeys make
new footprints in our choices wake.

Known paths of old
new paths we mold
into a future paved with scold.

With choice in mind
and time to find
a link with destinations signed.

Each train of thought
our future brought
to life each living memory wrought.


IN DEFENSE OF DARWIN’S THEORY OF EVOLUTION Being Our Resurrection Story After Ragnarok:

The Revelations of a Wirral SIBYL

Regarding doubt…due to SCIENCE finding evidence that man might have been born through extinct Sea-Serpent egg layers’ Primordial sperm people called Archaea.
Primordial little people are Cain’s origins…Android HOMO ERECTUS & SONS.
Ours are Neanderthal Man and their Hominoid Descendants.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.

Reborn SPIRITS/Minds start off here as sleeping infinitesimal singularities suffering from amnesia.
Spirits/Minds are invisible through our Earth bodies’ eyes.
They reside in Bio-DNA-gradable bioLogical Earth-Berth-birthday suits’ fornix cerebri.
Chakra Energy Plasma Soul bodies reside in the cerebrospinal fluid.
Baryon particles provide chakra energy right down to our Sole’d feet.
The Heart, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras complete a Soul’s Pole-to-Pole Rejuvenation with the Crown chakra’s TOTALITY.
The Root/route body chakra is obviously where sexual activity and a new-life’s consummation takes place…but it isn’t were our energy ends…is it, says Mercury/Hermes about His and Achillies winged heels and Loving…

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JUST TO MAKE COSMIC MESSAGES CLEAR, I’m just going to write a small synopsis here…

The Revelations of a Wirral SIBYL

With an Almighty ‘BANG’! the first Cosmic Wormhole was forged.
It was an escape route from the biggest Blackhole that ever existed called SATAN’S Super-Bug-ENTITIES, SUPER-NOVA APOCALYPSE ABYSS!
Pluto is all that remains of that SUPER GIANT HELL STAR’s little icy Heart.

”In the beginning was the word”…Myths, Folklore, Fables, according to…
through Evolutionary Cosmic brainwaves Atomic Intelligences.

”Let their be light”…as dust and Atoms awoke in the Blackness through dark energy allowing itself to bring Particles of real SUNS to form little specks of light…just like Christmas-lights… … …And then there’s our past-lives’ dead Baryonic Dark matter…

Souls are not quite ready to reform into their SPIRITS’ Bodies because of the GERMS that sleep in their ATOMIC PARTICLES Chakras, making it necessary to live here in an Earth-suit called infinitesimal (baby) omni-escent awakenings…

The basic brain-stem ego matrix was/is an instinct matrix.
Regarding advanced pia-mater, dura-pater & super-ego Messengers…there…

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REVELATIONS’ APOCALYPTIC CORONAVIRUS & HEREDITARY GOTHIC DNA Superbugs Versus NEBULAE & GALAXIES FIGHT For CURES That Fuel Imagination’s Inspirational Art-Forms And All That We Are & Strive To Be:

The Revelations of a Wirral SIBYL

Just as we’ve EVOLVED, so have ALL Planetary SYSTEMS:
Personal updates: 

I’m sorry I can’t speak for anyone else because I am now told that I have the only matrix that this is happening to.

*** On the 08.09.19 my brain received Callisto…
Jupiter’s First (free from GOTHIC influences) modern-day Artisan & Holistic DNA Healing Moon.

*** On the 09.09.19 Mind-Reader, Love, Beauty & Lachesis DESTINIES, in the form of Europa’s BEAM burst into my face, to join the CAUSE.

*** On the 11.09.19 ET-CELLS Intelligence beaming Mars & Neptune’s ET Memory restoring Cells, joined forces in my Dead brain-cells.
And PSYCHIC Saturn has just managed to reach my VENUS SOUL at last.
I still have to self-Calm my battered brain.

*** On the 15.09.19 Europa entered my forehead.

*** On the 23.09.19 our Sun attached it’s-self to my energy.

*** On the 24.09.19 POLARIS’S Navigation Guiding Light entered my…

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We say

The Sun rises in the East

and settles down in the West

While the Sun stays in place

the spinning Earth does the rest.

Meaning –
It’s always really night-time
and every day is a Sunday.

We are still moving

while standing quite still

Holding on to the present

as time travels at will

Having just woken up

in a vacuum called Space

With Humanity’s Life-Force

surrounded by Grace XXX

Hereditary or life-long ear, nose & throat infections:

I suspect something in the middle ear protects us from the motion.
Should it be damaged we’re most likely to suffer from Travel-sickness,
Dizziness, Fainting, and Vertigo – like me.
I’m also a SIBYL, because –
It can also include hearing COSMIC Voices, like Psychics do – like me.

OR – Hearing Murderous PSYCHOTIC Germs from Ancient Dead Alter-ego Brainstems’ Evil take-over bid.
But if the Earth stopped spinning, surely we’d all fall off into Space called –



There’s a reason for everything, including
the strange phenomenon that causes the
fatal attraction with opposites so that they mate –

Attracting one’s opposite to weaken extremes

Opposites attractive to weed out weak genes

So Soul-mates eventually can be with each other

Divine-Mates forever with one perfect Lover


I’m promised a man who is Loving and giving

I’m promised a brave man who works hard for a living

I’m promised a man whose Heart melts like mine

I’m promised a man who makes both of us shine

And I’ll give my all to my SOUL-Mate Divine.

Farewell – Until we meet again LOVE.



I’ve always thought of poetry as being
that awaken the senses
enough for minds to want to
bathe in those lyrical words
that come from the heart
of profound experiences
inherited empathy

I’ve now decided that
I don’t care about critics
in charge of rules
and regulations
governing emotive
personalized art-forms

Even if only the author
reaps their therapeutic benefits
it’s worth encouraging

I know from experience
that it helps memory retention
similar to music & songs
that fill a void
and speaks to us
and for us

there’ll be more rhyme in writing
from me.

My Personal enjoyable attempts at Poetry
are hiding my true Blog-posts.
So if you’re looking for
‘The Revelations of a Wirral SIBYL & EMPATH’
on bridging the SCHISM between Science & Religion,
they’ll be in my Archives.

I was up to date, and then The Corona Virus took over.

It’s now time for SCIENCE to stop being REDICULOUS!

First it was Religion’s ancient Time-warped stances –
The Bible being their only proof, and reality not backing them up
regarding their LOVING GOD!!! (Who is doing HIS BEST, against Infestations’ GERM-Warfare MUTATIONS).

Now we have the Scientists determined to give all their findings
over to a Belief in Science Fiction’s Aliens.


ARTS, CRAFTS & Poetry Critics:

Although I’m not academic I’m good at Arts & Crafts.
I’m master of none but I’m determined to be –

Mistress of my own designs:

Craft finesse, Arty? – Yes!
Hobbies I can do
Show and tell, shyness hell
enjoy creations new

It’s not a scam, or formal exam
critics only, I can plan
a way through lack of
memory retention
It’s not cheating judged
on homework comprehension

Doing what’s fulfilling
a need academically
Grammatically challenged senses
Poetic mentality.

Decoding needed heeded

Intelligence agrees
idioms’ vernacular mysteries
go right hand-in-glove
into what’s left bare
Cold-comfort governing
Tense, conjunctions, predicate
Punctuation’s dare

Seeing was believing
now believing what you see
A cynical stance
will not advance
as quickly as Philosophically.

I want to know:
Is ALL Poetry only judged by
it’s governing acknowledged forms
and/or by a Critic’s personal biased agenda?

The critiques I paid for where all horrendous.

We get fed up with the same one word titles!

We hate centered poems!
We can’t scan them, so they make no sense!

Don’t use words we mightn’t be familiar with
We don’t want to have to look them up!

You’ve set them out neatly!
(Having been a picture framer
in an Art’s & Craft shop helped me there)

I think I overwhelmed her by enthusiastically sending in 14 to be judged and critiqued.
I’m so glad I paid for the critiques, otherwise I wouldn’t have found out
I was wasting my time and money.

For my own peace of mind I need to know if she was right!

I only like writing in the way I’ve forged for myself.

I mind-map my thoughts as I write them down in rhyme.

If they’re not classed as poetry I need to know.
(Everyone had to learn Nursery Rhymes,
but I can’t call them that.
I do call them mind-mapping in rhyme?)

I’ve found them so useful knowing what I think.
They give me a voice so I can interact on line
instead of just leaving a like.



spelling mistakes
that spoil my attempts at succeeding
It takes
grammatically correct work
an obstacle I find
that thwarts my attempts
at penning what’s on my mind

Dubious punctuation
others understand
as my pauses
and clauses
can get out of hand

how I struggle
with academia’s literacy
as sincerely I acknowledge
my struggling brain cells


FINDING A FORMAT That’s Easy To Read & Digest:

Each Map’s a journey that winds it’s way through my mind’s quest.

why did it start
with rhyme in writing’s beating heart

Like music
as a rhythm plays
upon my senses where it stays

Until emotional feelings know
why understanding words that flow
through rhapsody’s sweet sounding score
brings knowledge
never gleaned before.

will find new ways
to mend the heart
when music strays

With rhythms sensed
some felt
I hear
it’s words of comfort
very clear.

From kindred souls
like minds comment
on how I’ve gained the energy sent
to urge me on
until it’s fled
this heartache
in my soul and head.


PS. About me and the names I use….
Wirral SIBYL …. I am a SIBYL from the Wirral Peninsular UK
Sibyl Towers …. The place I call my Sanctuary. XXX

Writing down my thoughts in rhyme I’ve found to be very therapeutic
It’s been enlightening finding out what I think
Like mind-mapping, I never quite know where it’s going to take me…
So, I would say that this is more to do with me – C.Anne XXX