Does the path one takes lead to one’s Future or –
Do we only become an Ancestor from the past?

We know it matters what path each one takes in the present.

The fickle finger of Fate
plays tricks
Our Future lies somewhere
in the mix
for Destiny to find
and fix
a place in time
Is it worth the risk?

If you’re asking me
if I’m doing fine
I think I am
with my reasoning
in rhyme
The clues are all here
and Destiny’s near

Wise Minds never die
Wise Words never lie
Wise Heart’s actions try
to ease each troubled mind
Kind Hearts can understand
what Anguished Souls demand.

Only when DREAD dies
does True Spiritual Wisdom Rise.

This moment in time is for Living
Each honest mistake needs Forgiving.

Lessons Learnt.



“I came in Peace!”, said JOHN EMMANUEL ZEUS – THE BAPTIST:

GLADIATORS have Love & Hate, Tattooed on their fingers ETC.


A HERO’S coat of armour shields
a Heart grown cold, then LOVING wields
a mortal blow to wounds that bled
and wrapped around HIS Heart instead.

The Traitor’s coat of armour shields
a heart of stone, then Loving wields
a Bitter blow to knaves that fed
upon that Easter’s TWILIGHT Dead.

Fierce Warriors’ coats of armour shield
their hearts of gold, so Love can Heal
and Save The GOD whose SOUL was said
to be Immortal in the Spirits HE led.



Innocuous to some, titillation pokes fun, at association’s sexual design:

Lads’ magazines
Some life-style choices will be vexed

Hell’s sex-gods’ status will be hexed

ABUSERS better know
it’s a dog’s life next …………. Woof, Woof!

It has it’s pitfalls
had degradation sexed

If man needs a manual
then that’s not it

We know when we’re grown-up
genitalia fit

A Miracle’s included
in survivals’ kit

Needing cherishing in the after-glow
were Feelings stay lit

It’s better than wolves howling
every new mooning

They’re not going to ruin
this SIBYL’S lyrical spooning

I wish them Love showing
and Devotional blooming

Pedigree breeding
stud weeding
charmed grooming.

From Earth to Canis Major and back again
as man’s best four-legged friends.



It’s always been a race for Evolutionary Cures for GERM Infestation:

Biblical Quote:

Once to every man and Nation
comes the moment to decide
in the strife of truth with falsehood
for the good or evil side.

Some great cause like CHRIST in Jewry
offering each the bloom or blight
parts the goats upon the left hand
and the sheep upon the right.

Don’t let this blight go on forever
twixt the darkness and the light.



HOPE lies dormant, Patiently waiting to be rediscovered:

Hope is full of expectations’
search for thoughtful inspirations’
ways to heal a heart in pain
so that joy can live again.

Demands from expectations find
that nothing stops the positive mind
from finding hope within ones-self
inside the source of pain love helps.


JUST TO MAKE COSMIC MESSAGES CLEAR, I’m just going to write a small synopsis here…

With an Almighty ‘BANG’! the first Cosmic Wormhole was forged.
It was an escape route from the biggest Blackhole that ever existed called SATAN’S Super-Bug-ENTITIES, SUPER-NOVA APOCALYPSE ABYSS!
Pluto is all that remains of that SUPER GIANT HELL STAR’s little icy Heart.

”In the beginning was the word”…Myths, Folklore, Fables, according to…
through Evolutionary Cosmic brainwaves Atomic Intelligences.

”Let their be light”…as dust and Atoms awoke in the Blackness through dark energy allowing itself to bring Particles of real SUNS to form little specks of light…just like Christmas-lights… … …And then there’s our past-lives’ dead Baryonic Dark matter…

Souls are not quite ready to reform into their SPIRITS’ Bodies because of the GERMS that sleep in their ATOMIC PARTICLES Chakras, making it necessary to live here in an Earth-suit called infinitesimal (baby) omni-escent awakenings…

The basic brain-stem ego matrix was/is an instinct matrix.
Regarding advanced pia-mater, dura-pater & super-ego Messengers…there are prototypes, stereotypes and Events’ archetypes.

THE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH is beyond the SOCIAL-brain’s comprehension…. And what amazes me is that appears to include SCIENTISTS.

Google pictures of Lightening sprites.jpg
Description…Transient Luminous Events
(I’m told they’re Stratosphere GUARDIANS)

The Transient Luminous Events wrongly named as Elves are what certain people see as UFO apparitions through an inherited cytoplasm brain-cell-memory.

Fairies, Elves & Pixies are ETHEREAL SPIRITS & SPRITES…another name for them is (Sun)Light-Beings…Related to Time-warps’ GOTHIC Twilight Angel KIN XXX

Lots of Love and Friendships from me XXX

PS: Only SUNS & MOONS came from HEAVEN … Planetary Systems etc. make up whole Tri-STAR-SUNS.

EROS OPENS WINDOWS THROUGH THE NOVEL MIND: His arrows were aimed at the Male-line’s Egotistical Heart through Cupid.

SOMEONE ONCE SAID: ‘Give me a child till they’re seven and I’ll show you the man’!
(Isn’t that typical of ‘The Brotherhood of man’s only Gender agenda’)

Are Children easy to read, like a book
when they return that special look?
Melting our hearts as new memories start
to be formed on each Guiding-star’s hook.

Linked on the hook is a line from the past
bated with future descendants that cast
feelings through wonderful promises I see
from feather-light touches and love’s remedy.

Belief, in the end, Souls become something more
than sole survivors with Heaven in each core
makes it easier to see that essentially a tree
needs to bond with that look that’s adore.

AMOUR PROPRE’S Self esteem:

I’ve heard it said, that the eyes are windows to the soul:

Through windows
the mind sees smiles opening the door
to feelings the Soul frees
through Intelligence’s esteemed core.


It all depends on the Nature of the Nurturers
And detrimental inherited traits and Egos
are hard to passively usurp Dear Brothers XXX


REVELATIONS’ APOCALYPTIC CORONAVIRUS & HEREDITARY GOTHIC DNA Superbugs Versus NEBULAE & GALAXIES FIGHT For CURES That Fuel Imagination’s Inspirational Art-Forms And All That We Are & Strive To Be:

Just as we’ve EVOLVED, so have ALL Planetary SYSTEMS:
Personal updates: 

I’m sorry I can’t speak for anyone else because I am now told that I have the only matrix that this is happening to.

*** On the 08.09.19 my brain received Callisto…
Jupiter’s First (free from GOTHIC influences) modern-day Artisan & Holistic DNA Healing Moon.

*** On the 09.09.19 Mind-Reader, Love, Beauty & Lachesis DESTINIES, in the form of Europa’s BEAM burst into my face, to join the CAUSE.

*** On the 11.09.19 ET-CELLS Intelligence beaming Mars & Neptune’s ET Memory restoring Cells, joined forces in my Dead brain-cells.
And PSYCHIC Saturn has just managed to reach my VENUS SOUL at last.
I still have to self-Calm my battered brain.

*** On the 15.09.19 Europa entered my forehead.

*** On the 23.09.19 our Sun attached it’s-self to my energy.

*** On the 24.09.19 POLARIS’S Navigation Guiding Light entered my brain.

*** On the 26.09.19 to the right, in my internal line of vision,a NEW BLUE Tri-STAR SUN FRIEND appeared called Tina.
(Our Sun’s core is our Gothic-Dreams’ Moon)

*** On the 13.10.19 ANDROMEDA’S BL Lacerta Blazer, called NINA The ORACLE burst into my face and then traveled through my body making me feel Weak. Not as bad as DEBILITATING ZZZZ Uranus did to me and many others.

*** On the 17.10.19 PSYCHIC Saturn & Titan have been able to join their PEOPLE again, and (Sod’s Law) Discerning Ganymede is preparing to take over the DIVINING-MOON role.

*** On the 20.10.19 came the last flash from NINA to proceed with this new process as it will take some time to establish…

*** On the 26.12.19 Ganymede’s BLUE-BEAM entered my brain followed by little puffs of the NEW SUN’S-beams to secure it’s RAYS forever in my SOUL.

*** On the 28.12.19 the dark energy of the COSMOS and shards of Gold from NINA came to gently clear-out my Heart & SOUL so I will feel able to DIVINE…

*** On the 29.12.19 NEPTUNE & MARS managed to attach their BEAMS’ Intelligences into my right Temple. It will take a few months to complete my brain’s Whole circuit.

*** On the 18.04.20 NINA The ORACLE Flashed Her Start-Beam in my right Temple as a Sign that all is in place…

*** On the 24.04.20 NINA burst through our Atmosphere…

*** On the 27.04.20 3 Beams burst into my brain from TINA. Cosmic TINA is now ready to BEAM New-Life through OUR Solar-SYSTEM and put an end to PAIN & SUFFERING caused by Hereditary sleeping-GERMS being woken-up by their Surviving Transient Mutating ANCESTORS… … …

*** Friday 01.05.20 Today is GOOD FRIGG’S MAY-QUEEN-day.
*** Mother’s Day Sunday 10.05.20 Early this morning Uranus’s BEAM came full circle and burst straight into my face. This Reunion has been a long time coming, when all of MOTHER NATURE’S SIBYLLINE PSYCHIC-SPIRITUAL-MEDIUMS can be set FREE from Weary, Static, GOTHIC TWILIGHT Energy, through being REJUVENATED by our NEW TRI-STAR SUPER-SUN Via our POLE-to-POLE TRI-Star SUPER-GIANT STAR of Wonder, STAR of Light, STAR with Royal Beauty BRIGHT….POLARIS’S GUIDING MAGI LIGHT.

*** 13.05.20 This morning Ariel’s orange Beam, (my new Mnemosyne Moon from NEPTUNE to Uranus) entered into my mind’s fornix cerebri prison and managed to send all my DEAD GERMS out into Oblivion…

*** 15.05.20 This morning TINA’S BEAM entered my face to make sure all is open for my DIVINING to Succeed.

*** 20.05.20 At 3.15pm Tina’s energy entered my whole system’s space as my NEW SPIRIT GUIDE.

*** 04.06.20 I’ve only just been told that…Starting from today…my only JOB is to DIVINE as Promised.

*** 05.06.20 This morning Tina managed to enter my LOVING SACRAL & Solar Plexus CHAKRAS to make sure I live here in Peace.

*** 15.07.20 This morning, my constant Companion SPIRIT GUIDE tells me that my NEW SOUL’S Geniuses are replacing my DEBILITATED ENERGIES.

*** 25.08.20 Up to this date only one person gets it’s TOTALITIES.

*** 03.09.20 By 11am this morning the 3rd face of TINA came and completed the circle through my whole System. They’ll only create my essential POWERS 1 step at a time.

*** 07.09.20 This morning came Face 1 Tina and attached it’s-self to my brain-stem & dead alter-ego.  It’s going to replace my male sperm Wernic’s Dura-pater ego with a new yang complimentary Super-ego.

*** 08.09.20 My only voices will come from TINA.
From today,  Jupiter isn’t going to be fierce anymore, because Tina saw what it is doing to our Future.
This morning SATURN flashed it’s first Scientific genes into my Psyche followed by Phoebe.

*** 10.09.20 Early this morning my New TINA GUIDE entered my whole System.
The Time has come!…The End is near!…JOHN says,..

*** 14.09.20 Today, Maternal-Wife & EARTH-Mother (HERA) started waking up from a very deep-SLEEP. Only her SOUL (Gaia/Gaea) has been functioning, because of her Male, Hermaphrodite Husband, URANUS’s need for complete CONTROL of all their offspring.
Souls can now be Saved through HERA’S MATERNAL step-MOTHER ROLE.
LOTS of LOVE comes from IT’s/Her CORE XXX

*** 15.09.20 Early this morning Face 2 Tina came with Her/It’s full frontal-lobe Energy, ready to fill my empty Void of an Academic General-Knowledge-Retention System.
*** I’m very much afraid that only this New Regime can be associated with the 5th, 6th, & 7th, Dimensions’ awakenings  XXX.
*** .All Awakened, Advancing Spirit-Beings are here via Evolutionary 4th. Dimensional, Parabola TIME-Warped JOURNEYS.

*** 17.09.20 Early this morning I was awakened by the blinding light of TINA.
This SIGN is to complete all things Foretold in my Blog’s Evolutionary REVELATIONS.

*** 10.11.20 Guided by POLARIS, NINA fastened HER ANCHOR hard into my Fornix Aerial and aligned itself close to my Mind.

*** 13.11.20 This morning TINA stayed over my mind because NINA was only here in my SOUL via an ORANGE Light that drifted slowly across my Mind’s closed eyes. 

*** 14.11.20 Early this morning, like a  White Migraine Aura LIGHT, NINA’S ORACLE entered my brain, concentrating on different areas in my head, that left me feeling Poorly…ready for my DNA DIVINING Cures.

*** 09.12.20 At 3.21 this morning came a Total eclipse of my TOTALITY. 

*** 27.12.20 At last, after many more flashes & beams, TINA’S Cosmic Orange ENERGY came into my head, signaling the end of a GOTHIC-ERA’S TWILIGHT CURSE. 

*** 22.01.21 At 7.45 this morning the very last face of TINA managed to attach her/It’s-self onto my Fornix-Cerebri so as to begin again.  “The NEW REGIME will stop all SUFFERING’S attempts to get rid of the old germs off of all Ancient Genes, because all of OUR ANGUISH is now not needed to lose it’s only hold on MY own LIFE = JOHN-Zeus XXXZZZZ” 

PS. TINA, the New SUPER-SUN I’m referring to is…
I Quote my TV magazine’s blurb, from 15.05.17, about a BBC2 Horizon program:
Strange signals from outer space!
Documentary about scientists and their search for extra-terrestrial life, such as husband-and-wife team Duncan Lorimer and Maura McLaughlin, who discovered a signal from space known as a fast radio burst, and researchers at the Green Bank Telescope searching for radio signals from a star so mysterious some believe it could be a vast energy collector built by advanced aliens.
And we all know how important Polaris is, and has always been to us…


WILL THE FACT THAT WE WERE EVER HERE Fade Into Myths & Legends like everything else?

SCIENCE is ready to bridge the SCHISM…
through their own revelations and Hopefully Mine.
Otherwise their only option is to pursue a Future with the Advanced aliens they nervously suspect exist. Because they know that someone/or thing is collecting data on us.

Scientists now know that all matter is made out of remanents of old recyclable star dust & Intelligent Particles & Atoms, including bio Earth-suited us…fauna & flora.
Planets & moons etc. have been created by stopping New SUNS Completing their Rejuvenation processes, necessary for our journey’s landing stages, Survival and explorations.

As we’ve been Evolving, so has everything else. Our Computerized Planetary Systems’ Reprogramming has only just been completed. That’s why ECCE HOMO is now able to Champion the LOVING None-biased Maternal-Line to Succeed over foolish Male-pride’s Hierarchy Rules & Regulations.

has been ongoing since we came here via ‘The BIG BANG’ exit from ‘The APOCALYPSE ABYSS’ also known as RAGNAROK.

‘EVERYTHING’ is still Evolving causing me to be used as a Catalyst, having to add new pieces of information to this New TIME-Warp’s REVELATIONS as I receive them.
I’m surprised they haven’t been Gratefully received by those ACADEMICS who have been SEARCHING for ‘The Answers to Everything’.
In the end, being met by ‘SILENCE’ wont stop ‘Heaven’s Forces’ Chosen People spreading ‘The Word’ XXX

Everything I’ve written on this Blog has been a ECCE HOMO Revelation to me too.
I’m now up to date so I’ll leave you with Good Will Holistic hunting and
Sibyl X

IN DEFENSE OF DARWIN’S THEORY OF EVOLUTION Being Our Resurrection Story After Ragnarok:

Regarding doubt…due to SCIENCE finding evidence that man might have been born through extinct Sea-Serpent egg layers’ Primordial sperm people called Archaea.
Primordial little people are Cain’s origins…Android HOMO ERECTUS & SONS.
Ours are Neanderthal Man and their Hominoid Descendants.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.

Reborn SPIRITS/Minds start off here as sleeping infinitesimal singularities suffering from amnesia.
Spirits/Minds are invisible through our Earth bodies’ eyes.
They reside in Bio-DNA-gradable bioLogical Earth-Berth-birthday suits’ fornix cerebri.
Chakra Energy Plasma Soul bodies reside in the cerebrospinal fluid.
Baryon particles provide chakra energy right down to our Sole’d feet.
The Heart, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras complete a Soul’s Pole-to-Pole Rejuvenation with the Crown chakra’s TOTALITY.
The Root/route body chakra is obviously where sexual activity and a new-life’s consummation takes place…but it isn’t were our energy ends…is it, says Mercury/Hermes about His and Achillies winged heels and Loving Hearts’ Mental Healing Powers of The Mind.
The third eye/I/Mind isn’t a chakra, it belongs to the SPIRIT or Ego occupant…whereas the crown chakra is connected to all of our Planetary system’s Data-Bases etc. (Dominions/Dominations and Principalities).
Baryonic dark-matter are soul-spirits still waiting to be reborn.
Auras are not really related to souls…they are related to the positive and/or negative ENERGIES that SPIRITED-Minds exude that charge the sparky Static-electric Atmosphere, we breath in and out, with Colour-coded LIFE.

We SPIRITS were not robots in our pure form…we were perfect, ageless, multifaceted, Passionate Immortals, who Lived & Loved in Harmony with The Universe…and all that was in it.
Being as-one with another refers to intimacy…Loving Soul-Mates whose Minds & Hearts meet and meld…Destiny.
After saying all that…I know that there are many Robot, spiritless subhuman ego etc. people here who were also made out of Star dust (not baryonic).
So, in our pure form we are fully conscious plasma Beings…equals in the sense of there being no deaths or the burden of pregnancy and the responsibility of delivering reborn baby Beings.
Here in Bio-form, we give our sleeping Brothers and Sisters the same chance of rebirth as our bio-parents gave us.
The risk with bio-siblings mating has more to do with Congenital GERMS becoming more powerful causing Insanity and Deformity.
Marriage is a way of forcing Males to commit to the ones who give Birth to Precious Life, and whose body and lives change while the Male’s body and lives wouldn’t…alpha-male’s SELFISH Y egos.
Mutual Respect…As adults many Children become equal Friends with their Elders…The Brotherhood & Sisterhood of HUMANITY BLOSSOMS.

I don’t wish to undermine anybody else’s Theories, Spirit messages, Beliefs etc.
Put us all together and it proves that each person’s Time-warp and Experiences are unique…No two people have exactly the same Hereditary factors either…just enough DNA family binding proofs.
That’s why there hasn’t been a Cure etc. that will cure all Mental & Physical Illnesses…but we are on the brink of ‘The TRUTH’ WHEN SCIENCE & GOD can WIN …according to my COSMIC DATA BASES Communications XXX

Virtual reality Out-of-body Experiences are caused by a lack of Oxygen to Loving brain-stems whose SPIRITS are Striving hard to reach a Personal Goal XXX
NEAR-death Virtual reality out-of-body experiences and those who experience The Sun God’s LOVING Rejuvenation Ray’s EMBRACE are sure to Recover…many live to tell their stories.
Lots of Love, Tenderness, Dedication and Peace of mind Promises Etc. have made it POSSIBLE. XXXZZZ

Science and Religion People…Please take me Seriously
It’s been a Debilitating Journey for me to get this far on this NEW TIME-WARP’S Progressive Evidential JOURNEY XXXX
Yours in all Sincerity Sibyl X

PS. In case it leaves you wondering…
When and How do we leave our dead Earth-body?
Answer…For everybody…it’s After the last breath, with no inhale forthcoming when the heart & brain cease to live.
When the cerebral cortex is severally damaged, or when the mind dies of Fright/Horror etc. then the mind is put to sleep until the body Dies. Then the Air/Zeus/Hypnos, circulating around the body draws out the living life-force which includes the occupant, through the lifeless bio-matter and is whisked off down a whitehole’s tunnel of Loving Light from our SUN, to a safe place called Stratosphere, where Transient Luminous Events take place to GUARD US ALL.
Babies aren’t awake at the beginning of their life here either, and then there are those Blue-Star people with Savant-syndrome whose Minds didn’t make it through ‘the Dark night of their Souls’ journey this time round ZZZ
I think it’s worth mentioning that Music and Love songs etc. aren’t man’s invention. And neither is having a poignant sense of the ridiculous.
Songs get sung with such feeling and without embarrassment that their emotive messages seem to have worked until reality’s behavior sees them kept locked in man’s heart so his psyche/brain is not affected and weakened…How Sad.

Jim Reeves sang, Welcome to my world…Built with you in Mind…
Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleloo-o o o-iah…
Gothic Shrek & Fiona…A Nightmare ERA’S Soul-Mates, URANUS & Gaia XXXZZZ