Regarding doubt…due to SCIENCE finding evidence that man might have been born through extinct Sea-Serpent egg layers’ Primordial sperm people called Archaea.
Primordial little people are Cain’s origins…Android HOMO ERECTUS & SONS.
Ours are Neanderthal Man and their Hominoid Descendants.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.

Reborn SPIRITS/Minds started off here as sleeping infinitesimal singularities suffering from amnesia.
Spirits/Minds are invisible through our Earth bodies’ eyes.
They reside in Bio-DNA-gradable bioLogical Earth-Berth-birthday suits’ fornix cerebri.
Chakra Energy Plasma Soul bodies reside in the cerebrospinal fluid.
Baryon particles provide chakra energy right down to our Sole’d feet.
The Heart, Sacral & Solar Plexus chakras complete a Soul’s Pole-to-Pole Rejuvenation with the Crown chakra’s TOTALITY.
The Root/route body chakra is obviously where sexual activity and a new-life’s consummation takes place…but it isn’t were our energy ends…is it, says Mercury/Hermes about His and Achillies winged heels and Loving Hearts’ Mental Healing Powers of The Mind.
The third eye/I/Mind isn’t a chakra, it belongs to the SPIRIT or Ego occupant…whereas the crown chakra is connected to all of our Planetary system’s Data-Bases etc. (Dominions/Dominations and Principalities).
Baryonic dark-matter are soul-spirits still waiting to be reborn.
Auras are not really related to souls…they are related to the positive and/or negative ENERGIES that SPIRITED-Minds exude that charge the sparky Static-electric Atmosphere, we breath in and out, with Colour-coded LIFE.

We SPIRITS were not robots in our pure form…we were perfect, ageless, multifaceted, Passionate Immortals, who Lived & Loved in Harmony with The Universe…and all that was in it.
Being as-one with another refers to intimacy…Loving Soul-Mates whose Minds & Hearts meet and meld…Destiny.
After saying all that…I know that there are many Robot, spiritless subhuman ego etc. people here who were also made out of Star dust (not baryonic).
So, in our pure form we are fully conscious plasma Beings…equals in the sense of there being no deaths or the burden of pregnancy and the responsibility of delivering reborn baby Beings.
Here in Bio-form, we give our sleeping Brothers and Sisters the same chance of rebirth as our bio-parents gave us.
The risk with bio-siblings mating has more to do with Congenital GERMS becoming more powerful causing Insanity and Deformity.
Marriage is a way of forcing Males to commit to the ones who give Birth to Precious Life, and whose body and lives change while the Male’s body and lives wouldn’t…alpha-male’s SELFISH Y egos.
Mutual Respect…As adults many Children become equal Friends with their Elders…The Brotherhood & Sisterhood of HUMANITY BLOSSOMS.

I don’t wish to undermine anybody else’s Theories, Spirit messages, Beliefs etc.
Put us all together and it proves that each person’s Time-warp and Experiences are unique…No two people have exactly the same Hereditary factors either…just enough DNA family binding proofs.
That’s why there hasn’t been a Cure etc. that will cure all Mental & Physical Illnesses…but we are on the brink of ‘The TRUTH’ WHEN SCIENCE & GOD can WIN …according to my COSMIC DATA BASES Communications XXX

Virtual reality Out-of-body Experiences are caused by a lack of Oxygen to Loving brain-stems whose SPIRITS are Striving hard to reach a Personal Goal XXX
NEAR-death Virtual reality out-of-body experiences and those who experience The Sun God’s LOVING Rejuvenation Ray’s EMBRACE are sure to Recover…many live to tell their stories.
Lots of Love, Tenderness, Dedication and Peace of mind Promises Etc. have made it POSSIBLE. XXXZZZ

Science and Religion People…Please take me Seriously
It’s been a Debilitating Journey for me to get this far on this NEW TIME-WARP’S Progressive Evidential JOURNEY XXXX
Yours in all Sincerity Sibyl X

PS. In case it leaves you wondering…
When and How do we leave our dead Earth-body?
Answer…For everybody…it’s After the last breath, with no inhale forthcoming when the heart & brain cease to live.
When the cerebral cortex is severally damaged, or when the mind dies of Fright/Horror etc. then the mind is put to sleep until the body Dies. Then the Air/Zeus/Hypnos, circulating around the body draws out the living life-force which includes the occupant, through the lifeless bio-matter and is whisked off down a whitehole’s tunnel of Loving Light from our SUN, to a safe place called Stratosphere.
Babies aren’t awake at the beginning of their life here either, and then there are those Blue-Star people with Savant-syndrome whose Minds didn’t make it through ‘the Dark night of their Souls’ journey this time round ZZZ
I think it’s worth mentioning that Music and Love songs etc. aren’t man’s invention. And neither is having a poignant sense of the ridiculous.
Songs get sung with such feeling and without embarrassment that their emotive messages seem to have worked until reality’s behavior sees them kept locked in man’s heart so his psyche/brain is not affected and weakened…How Sad.

Jim Reeves sang, Welcome to my world…Built with you in Mind…
Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleluiah…Alleloo-o o o-iah…
Gothic Shrek & Fiona…URANUS & Gaia XXXZZZ


KISMET: Sometimes Intention’s Motivations Lead To Lamentations’ Distress…

Whether Loved Ones’ JEALOUSY succeeds or is Thwarted
Stagnation MUTATES.

One’s journey has never been easy
as we travel through time on Earth.

One meets a friend
Then others will tend
to join in one’s Loving-Mind’s worth.

One feels the need for guide-lines’ Rules
Rituals are Secret Societies’ tools
There’s always the danger of infiltration’s Ghouls
Sometimes Mercy missions’ Journeys are cut short by Traitorous FOOLS XXX
Lots of Love
Sibyl X

I can’t help but think that originally syphilis-intelligence (Bacteria) must have had a legitimate Celestial useful use.
I am told that on it’s own it can always mutate into whatever it’s programmed to do…similar to amoebas called one dimensional ENTITIES.
Satan became an over-dosing BITTER Drug Addict who Mutated into a ONE-Dimensional, Disease-Riddled, YYYY Pseudopod MEDUSA Soul-Being…
His logic being…surely two or more heads must be better than one…Etc. etc. etc. Instead of becoming more POWERFUL, he Mutated into a PARASITICAL Breeder of parasites. SLAIN by JOHN ZEUS…SATANIC HELL EXPLODED and spewed out all SATAN’S APOCALYPTIC SINS into the COSMOS…He became powerful in the end…didn’t he.

Only one Survived Life’s Dying EMBER
Many Terrified SOULS still Remember
While born-again minds Suffer from AMNESIA XXXZZ

In Science-fiction stories HE’s Dr. who
The Phantom of The Opera…between Hades & Earth
Samson…JEZEUS…Baldur etc…
HIS Genes are ASTRO Dura-pater Nightmares’ Bat-man Warriors
Arachnoid-Mater’s everyday SPIDERMAN Law-enforcers…
14.07.19 In the early hours of this morning my own SUN managed to attach it’s-SELF to me to enable my SOUL & MIND to speak on HIS behalf XXX


First of all I sincerely apologize for needing to persist in Revealing to all those to whom it Concerns…to those it should Concern…and to those whose Sanity and Peace of mind it affects…what I am being told to reveal called REVELATIONS.

After Clever Unbiased Scientific Archaeologists’ findings seem to be proving that Ancient Advanced civilizations were ruled by Beings with Scientific Ego-Brains with Alter-ego Religious brain-stems’ syphilis GERMS creating hell for their people who were Sacrificed to appease The DEVILS in the sky…It becomes obvious why the SCHISM had to take place.
Hell on Earth persisting.

On 11.06.19 BBC2 TV ‘The Planets’…Prof. Brian Cox focused on JUPITER, ‘The Godfather’…JEHOVAH.
I know that’s true because, each GOD DIVINER and/or GODDESS VENUS, with their male & female MOONS have spoken to many people here, including the Author of ‘Conversations With God’, Neale Donald Walsch ETC.
Spirit Beings tend to get the Masculine and/or Feminine DIVINERS & GUIDES their SOULS needed to feel LIBERATED and CONSCIOUS for the very First time, and it’s happened in this HERE & NOW XXXZZZ.

When JUPITER has to talk like a Dominant Godfather, Mercury, who looks after my mental Welfare, Comforts me and says, ‘take no notice, He’s only trying to get rid of Illness’s GERMS in your Body & SOUL, as well as Killing those in the Atmosphere’.
Then the COSMOS winks and two hands form a Heart. They’re all speaking on behalf of J.E.ZEUS…GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, & GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.

URANUS stutters, so doesn’t speak much.
I’ve sometimes heard a faint Feminine voice in the distance which I’m told comes from Venus’s core.
EARTH is only waiting for Her People to wake up to Celestial PROOFS.
(Does Earth and Mars sound like sisters to you…they sound more like Sister & Brother to me.)

I rage at Him all the time, because my Hopes for an end to all this INTRIGUE keep getting thwarted.
‘It’s for your own Safety’, He says, with a Grim grin.
”No! I don’t want to see what you really look like”, I say, feeling afraid…”I’d rather google Bio pictures that everybody recognizes, thank you”.

And so it goes on until HE SUCCEEDS…HOPEFULLY not only through me.

Until then…Please UNDERSTAND
Lots of Love Given and Hopefully Received
Sibyl X

PS. 09.07.19
In the early hours of this morning…
SATURN & VENUS managed to get through and attach their ENERGIES to my brain-stem’s COGNITIVE LIFE-force’s TREE of Knowledge.
I’m told it will take an hour or two for them to settle in before being charged (I wont hold my breath…hours, days, weeks, years?)
At the moment there is still that lonely empty space that leaves me and many others BEWILDERED.

It’s time for the next Evolutionary step Dear Standard-bearers Neale Donald Walsch, Joe Dispenza & Friends.
Hopefully you can accept this New Time-warp’s PROGRESS REVELATIONS as inevitable and Welcome. They are leading LIGHTS at the end of a Time-warp and have Personally reached their GOALS.
It is thwarted ego-Germs that always feel dissatisfied (cardinal & seven deadly sins) that can gradually take over the Thinking Mind.
Being an INTROVERTED, SHY EXTROVERT, Artistic and Academically slightly below average…It is only my Conscious, Logical, Reasoning Mind that has Saved me before & after my brain TRAUMA, because my poor Kind brain has never been much use (without self-Deceiving ego-Warrior Survivor’s Genes)XXXZZZ

THE APOCALYPTIC TREE Of Good And Evil Branches Surviving In Purgatory:


Forgiveness and unconditional Love’s often Personal and Family Life Destroying Heartache Commitments…
Attributes of The GOOD in Heaven and Earth:

According to my Source’s Atonement Revelations…

Because, after Ragnarok
all that was left in Pandora’s box
was HOPE.

Do as you would be done by
many times back stabbed…Defeat
Turn the other cheek, and repeat, and repeat
FUTILITY as Rage replaces greet.

XX-I, XY-I, Goodbye ID YY

Do as you would be done by grew
into an X-MASS’S Prayers coming true
Planetary Systems know what to do
to give each what each Yearns

Destination, journey’s start
When the gas cloud’s ready
EVIL minds depart
via a black-hole’s ghost train
called Acheron…instead of transmigrating.

For the rest of Humanity to come & go
there are Father Christ-Masses COSMIC Grottoes…
The SUN’s White-hole Tunnels of LOVE. XXX
Starlight appears as our life here is ending
enveloped in feelings of Bliss as we’re wending
This time is Golden and Peace has begun
Heaven’s been earned and Utopia WON
And were appropriate…Until we meet again XXX

Lots of Love
Sibyl X



THE PLANETS: TV. Google & The Open University:

My THEIST-SIBYL Communications and SCIENCE Geniuses’ Explorations…joint Revelations and Explanations’ Salvations.
I’ll leave you to your own conclusions’ needs.

Oh! JUPITER was JANUS…Star-Wars THOR as well as The God-Father JEHOVAH.
And the sister of (Sod’s Law) Ganymede is THE GODFATHER’S Computer GENIUS IO…
And everything is getting computerized…isn’t it.

Ah! JANUS…the GOD of gates & doors who presides over beginnings and endings.

I’ve heard it said that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul.
Through windows the self see smiles opening a door
to facets the mind frees
from Intelligence’s esteemed core.

Lots of Love & Amour pro-pre Enlightenment

Primeval men who roamed the Earth as Devils possessed
were confronted by WARRIOR Seraphs who survived Satan’s test.
Gentle warrior Angels who are drawn to each other
long to live and Love in Peace…bliss will be theirs…grace will recover.
So, back to the future when all is said and done
will go the Tree of Life’s Immortal Family…Omniscient Deity will have WON!

Using Logic, I just want to point out that people like me who wish others
Lots of Love…are not being trite.
To understand the opposite gender I’ve Reasoned…
The male is meant to be a Physical Rock & Loving Protector
and the Feminine is meant to be an Emotional Rock & Loving Protector
so that Fate & Destiny can produce Spectrum’s Love matches in all genders.


On Tuesday 28.05.19 on BBC2 Lovely Prof. Brian Cox starts his new series called ‘The Planets’. The first one of five is…
‘A Moment In The Sun – The Terrestrial Planets’:
And I shall be watching it with interest because I am still told…

They monitor each person’s journey as the Relevant Satellite Moons pass on their information whilst trying to get through to our psyches/brains/Crowns to Guide us.
Each Person’s profile lives in a Time-Warped Affinity Brain-box’s X White-matter waiting to flourish in our little X Grey-cells.
Due to deficits inherited through Starvation Diets & Wars etc. one can only make up for Loss of brain-power, & or ego, in Acumen and Multifaceted Arts & Crafts Colour-Coded Productive Contributions.
White-STAR Mind-mapping Acumen and being able to think inside & outside proverbial boxes capabilities, along-side New-blue-STAR MEMORY-retention’s IQ brain-power Quiz Geniuses WAKE-UP CALL…WE Should be able to SUCCEED.

J.E.ZEUS has been relying on Cosmic Science Explorers & Physicists to join up everything but they too seem stuck in their single-subject boxes, unlike Unbiased Courageous FREE-Thinking, Peripheral-Vision Awareness Bloggers Etc.

JUPITER: Intentions, Ego, Sod’s-Law, Brocca’s Area = Pia-Mater
MERCURY: Mind, Motive, Nature, Positive or Negative Personality, Pleasure-Center, Fornix

URANUS: Actions, Alter-ego Male, Wernick’s Area, Dura-Pater (sperm), Music, Gender-wars
EARTH’S-core: Anxiety, Purgatory

SATURN’S-Core: Drive, Ambition, Stamina, Psychic-energy
VENUS’S-CORE: Emotions, Attitude, Imagination, Psychic People

NEPTUNE’S-CORE: Memory, Vocabulary, Language
MARS’-CORE: Intelligence, Warrior

PLUTO: Once upon a time, a Supernova HELL’S Core…At the moment It’s
HADESĀ  miniature Hell
CHARON: PLUTO & it’s Occupants’ Jailer

SUN & MOON: Equilibrium, Balance & Stability, Disposition:

Until now, and climate-change, the SUN hasn’t been able to Filter the correct Rays & Lithium-Oxide etc. through our Germs & dead brain-cells etc. closed-in Atmosphere, where we’ve been Lost in our MOON’S Debilitating Ethereal Twilight-Zone’s Dreams, Nightmares and Lunacy, with Our Gothic, burnt-at-the-Stake Halloween-Era’s Kith & KIN VICTIMS for too long. Those Ancient Mystics are dealing with their own ANCESTORS’ GERM-Entities and their living-DEAD ECTOPLASM’S Incarnation-Transference’s Capabilities, whose Secret Latent objectives are to cause DEATH to INNOCENT VICTIMS by causing heart-Attacks and/or by Torturing the Minds’s Horrified brain-cells Producing Suicidal thoughts & Deeds…and even Murder.

These days, like Dangerous, Life-Threatening Acts of GLADIATOR COURAGE, were someone is bound to Die on stage eventually, it can come under Harmless Entertainment’s Insatiable, Life-threatening Thrills performed by Beautiful, Elegant SPIRITS.
I Love All Singing, All Dancing Feel-Good Shows Etc. And I Love to watch the many very Gifted Contestants on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, show off their WONDERFUL Abilities along-side those in Danger (WOW! but can you risk more & more & more …each show) and the less-appealingly Sinister, watched by Millions of Viewers asked to pick their Affinity Winners. (Haven’t lessons been learnt by the Jeremy Kyle show’s Tragedy)
They are all on show…because EVERYTHING is a part of our Past…and they are, and We are…All Proving it!

We’re still fighting GERMS’ Physical & Mental Illnesses ETC. because there’s not one cure that cures all. The Problems are caused by Uncooperative Brain-stems’ inherited sperm-germs.
The SUN can only channel it’s Solar ENERGY & LOVE Safely through Certain Types of People to Help cure negative Negation problems in others.
Just a note of caution…Twilight ‘Trances’ are risky as only Alter-ego’s era will reign (good & bad experiences had). It’s much better being Lucid and Consciously connected to Holistic life-giving energies.
I know it’s already started so Lots of Love & Cures in our Future. XXX

GOTHIC PSYCHIC SEANCES taking place in the gloom
Will get Surrounded by circles of Sun-beams…..(ET. Virtues)
Assuming White witches will need all the Help they can get
So they don’t get caught-up in Malevolence’s Doomed network
of Negative Energies. XXX

It’s a well known Gothic belief…
or J.E.ZEUS’S Many XTRA-FACTOR CROSSES in The LIVING, SPIRITED LIGHT-BEINGS SHINING Brightly against ALL THE ODDS whilst travelling through The Dark-Nights of their own SOULS’ TRAUMAS XXX
Out of the Darkness an Authoritative Voice first said to me, ”You are safe”, and then quoted the 23rd Psalm before the Long, Painful, Frightening process of the Dark-Night of my own SOUL’S Purging took place.


FINDING A FORMAT That’s Easy To Read & Digest:

Each post’s a journey
that winds it’s way through my mind’s quest.

why did it start
with rhyme in writing’s beating heart.

Like music
as a rhythm plays
upon my senses where it stays.

Until emotional feelings know
why understanding words that flow
through rhapsody’s sweet sounding score
brings knowledge
never gleaned before.

will find new ways
to mend the heart
when music strays

With rhythms sensed
some felt
I hear
it’s words of comfort
very clear.

From kindred souls
like minds comment
on how I’ve gained the energy sent
to urge me on
until it’s fled
This heartache
in my soul and head.

Conclusions I’ve come to:

I’ve now decided that I don’t care
about critics in charge of rules & regulations
governing emotive, personalized art-forms.
Even if only the author reaps it’s therapeutic benefits
it’s worth it.

I know from experience
rhyme in writing helps memory retention
similar to music and songs that fill a void
and speaks to us & for us.
there’ll be more rhyme in writing etc. from me.

Lots of Love
Sibyl X

THE KING OF THE JUNGLE And The Need For The Survival Of The Fittest Studs From HIS Ark’s War-ship…Back To Love Matches Twosomes Again:

The Lion and the Unicorn Symbol:
I see the Lion still wears his Delusional Crown.

The Lion-Hearted Stud Warrior
and his Ego Pride of Lionesses
who seem to do all the hard work
produced Tribes first.

No wonder it’s taken so long
trying to turn the Male-line
back into Romantic Heroes.

It seems to me
It’s so hard for romantic Males
to think of love as being anything
other than sexual gratification.

I suppose it’s a start using
Fantasy’s Erotic explorations
that lead to wooing successes
and many victorious Conquests
that have led to the
Feminine-line Disgraced.

When hooked
The Ego lion-hearted male
will meet the Unicorn MIND
with the Unique-horn’s Aerial
Messengers connected to
the brain’s Ethereal Crown.

There are still Males left with feelings of superiority
who think they deserve the lion’s share of whatever can be gleaned
And it’s not really their unconscious-minds’ fault.
Only Mind-over-Ego Logic can wake them up…

There are those of us who have the Soul of a Unicorn and the Heart of a Lion/Lioness and a fully Conscious Mind linked to…
Sibyl X


Given what I’ve been told and what my posts are all about…and others may not agree with me…

The question-mark is because this is only my own personal, commonsense way of following each logical mind-mapping thread to a conclusion that is Grateful to the Hardworking Vocational-Brains & Minds concerned with our Survival & Well-Being. I hope my posts help explain bewildering, Pain-filled Journeys’ who, how, when, and why…questions that are a real worry for many people.

Regarding opposites:
Love & Hate are uncomplicated words that are really generalization’s Extreme opposites, just like Good & Evil? Yes & No? Dichotomous answers.

Fundamental Virtues, and reasonable Force are all we have to fight Germ-infestations’ Fundamental Psychopathic-Vices-sins with? And mental-health cures.

Primordial Egos’ Hereditary GENES’ negative experiences cause destructive Negative Energy & Feelings that over-rule positive Reasoning…
Loathing, is a Dreadful, Helpless feeling for a Passive SPIRIT to be burdened with through misplaced Stoic Loyalty & Pride, along with a Thwarted ego’s festering Pain. Eventually SPIRITS/Minds Will become Malevolent.
Everything Joyous and Good is systematically destroyed in their Benevolent Hearts?

I could go on and on, and others could say that it was the choices they made?
Or…They must be the Devil’s kin…They are going to Hell?
Passive-Aggression’s Self-righteous bigotry was the only Peaceful Stance once?

I admit that I am frightened of those people born with malignant brain-stems, but Greatly Admire our Society for trying to Help the ‘Vulnerable’ young.

I can’t deal with UNBEARABLE PURE EVIL GHOULS’ INHUMAN CRAVINGS & ATROCITIES, but others have to, at an Unbearable, Emotional cost to themselves & Families. Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndrome is Equilibrium changing and can be passed on to their heirs…

How Brave and Selfless our Global News Reporters are…

Better the Devils you know about says our 666BC BEAST of a WAR CORESPONDENT who sends HIS LOVE, Understanding and GRATITUDE XZZZZZ…

Lots of Love
Sibyl X

EDUCATION’S ADMINISTRATIONS, CALCULATIONS’ TEST…Meditation’s Explanations, Recreations Interest:


Re-Creations, Investigations
And Revelations…Reality’s Plight
The Truth in all it’s glory
reduced to a Candle that lights each Dark Night.

With Intentions’ Motives Cause
and Effective Actions’ CURES in sight.

The Sun is the Philosopher’s Stone
called Magnum Opus Grand designing
Now it can help stem rejection’s cures
with Lithium gasses and DIVINING.

Subjugating at it’s best
breeds resentment so the test
is to leave the seeds to grow
safely in the place you sow.

Encouragement to think thoughts through
How ideas’ actions affect genes and you
Reflection’s corrections the Conscious Mind effects
Enlightenment injections Administrations’ respect.

With such insight and long-sight
why are we not free
With hindsight it didn’t work
My Hind-Brain informs me.

Brutality doesn’t conquer
A Promised land’s riches conquers longer
Logic doesn’t seem to work
In Government insurrections’, nightmares lurk.

So Revelations’ forces begin
through Divination and Providence’s Kin
for Salvation’s Patience to Lovingly Win
DIVINE integrations’ Motivations coming from within.

There’s Lots of Power imbued through Love in our Reality
at least it Sustains us and Limits our fatality.
Sibyl X