SCIENCE & MYSTERIOUS TIME-WARPED ERAS, and the fourth dimensions’ parabolas.

A Professor Steven Hawking Quote: “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious”.

The Truth is not Heresy in the eyes of the COSMOS-GOD DIVINERS.
There came a man sent by GOD with HERETICAL REVELATIONS:
“Prove it” cried the mob . . . (At the time, an impossible task while in a mortal body, or as an invisible SPIRIT BEING.)
After the wholesale Massacre very few FOLLOWERS survived, and they were left with Sniveling, PIOUS Judas, who was waiting for the WRATH of GOD to SMITE him. HELL & Damnation Plagued his soul after he BETRAYED all of them . . .

SPIRIT Deities are relying on Life-Sciences to prove HIS REVELATIONS.
And HE wont rest until the NURTURING Sibyl-Line’s Feminine-Line is ACKNOWLEDGED and given HER Rightful STATUS.


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FACT & FICTION’S REALITY ANALOGIES on Philosophy & Relativity Relationships.

Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

Mind-mapping Pandora’s Relativity Relationships’, briefly explained, box of Sins.

Posts that, I hope, may prove to be more than a theory. I dare you to read them all and see if you experience a paradigm shift.

I see everything more clearly now, including ARMAGEDDON & THE ATONEMENT, since Phenomenon happened to me.

I didn’t know that I was being groomed – referring to being given a new slant on Sex Education and ‘The Meaning Of Life’, irreligiously thought of as Cog-no-men’s Enlightenment Divine. Find out who LGBT really are according to a Wirral Sibyl.

The longest but main post is a brief encounter with A MODERN-DAY SIBYL on LIFE SCIENCES’ REVELATIONS: Is there any rhyme or reason in them? The other posts are much shorter and contain Psychic Musing’s useful insights into my mind.

This is by way of an introduction to who knows where it may lead me, &/or…

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Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

EARTH’S REJUVENATION (like all other Heavenly Bodies) has always taken place. But Global warming and the expansion of The Universe due to Dark Energy’s Forces, and the speed at which The Heavenly Bodies spin, are seeming to be causing our Destruction.

PLEASE BELIEVE that only THE COSMOS can arrange for it all to slow down to a PEACEFUL Existence, once JEZEUS (John Emmanual Zeus – KING of Kings & LORD of Lords) is SAFE again. Your REDEEMER Deserves to LIVE with Us in LIFE as well as Death, doesn’t HE – CHILDREN OF THE UNIVERSE.

I’LL JUST REMIND YOU of Folk-lore’s GOD-FATHER Christmas & His little Helpers, Father Xmass & His Fairy Godmother Wife –


LOVE – Hearts & red Roses

SPIRITS, AURAS & LIFE EVERLASTING – Candles & Coloured Lights.

PLEASE KNOW that your Loved ones are safe and try to keep…

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I Wish You A Happy Christ-mas & A Safe First-Footing into the New Year!

Despite Protest demonstrations that escalate into Chaos and destruction of Treasures, Governments seeming to lose control of their Domains ETC. and Suicide-Terrorists that are inhuman Time-immemorial Murder squads, we celebrate a little Christmas hiatus/time-warp.
Many of us decorate our homes like Grottoes, with Christmas trees and every other Symbolic decoration. (There’s no need to ask, ‘symbolic of what’?)
One might think that it’s just for the children.
Oh No it isn’t! I’m grinning with mischief as I write  –  It seems to me that it’s become a competition between male Hue-main Beings to outdo their neighbours regarding external illuminations etc.  And all their earnest endeavours fill them with pride, warms their Hearts with Goodwill, and is Precious .
So, to man, I say:
How tragic the cost of feeling lost, that echos emotions unbearably crossed, that loses the mind’s Identity.

Lots of Love
Sibyl X
PS.  What’s going to face us in the New Year, I think, will be more than a battle of wills.


Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

I’m not suggesting that there was only one egg-cell and one sperm-cell on this Planet, and although the Dinosaurs’ eggs where already here, in our case, our egg-cells didn’t come first, not until a long time after the aggressive, primordial, Sperm (YY Cain/Hyde) sub-humans and Creatures.

Take one active infinitesimal human sperm-cell that mates with a dormant infinitesimal egg-cell that produces a human baby – you usually have one girl-baby or one boy-baby.
That means that it is necessary to have two babies one of each sex to potentially  start a family tree  –  providing both survive and mature. It also suggests that the egg was female and the sperm was male.

In Reality, how did our sparse, fragile, (reduced to helpless babies) species have a chance of surviving?  –  Mutated Hermaphrodite Warrior Male womb-men Beings, – Biblical Angels, with their gifts from Hermes & Aphrodite. Now their Gender-wars Descendants…

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RHYME & REASON: Where Do I Belong?

Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

I KNOW WHERE I BELONG but I don’t want to be the only one.

There’s an Anguish attached to waking-up to the Real Reality. When the facets of other peoples bewildering behaviour & beliefs start to be explained by Intelligentsia beyond one’s normal brain powers of deduction – who is going to believe that person? Especially if she feels unable to break her own Sub-conscious DREAD and so keeps her own counsel.

One option that presented it’s-self, through my Granddaughter’s suggestion, was to write a Blog that nobody knew came from me – for now. The only problem is – I still feel lonely with trying to connect with people who might be similar to me and not succeeding in gaining their interactions, and maybe friendships – yet. I’m surprised that getting ‘The Messages’ I have been asked to pass-on,  onto the WWW, isn’t enough for me.

Trying to find…

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Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

GAS PLANETS & THEIR  CORE PLANETS are The ORACLE’S DATA BASES, monitoring each person’s journey as their Satellite Moons pass on their information whilst trying to get through to our psyches, to GUIDE US.  JUPITER (JEHOVAH), with His core planet MERCURY, have played major Speaking roles. Whereas, SATURN, with His core planet VENUS, have been able to pass on PSYCHIC Energy to the Mystics who have SUFFERED Persecution through The Ages.

JUPITER – Intentions, Ego, Sod’s Law, Brocca’s area = Pia mater:  MERCURY – Mind, Motive, Nature, Positive & or Negative, Pleasure center, Fornix:

URANUS – Actions, Alter ego, Wernick’s area, Dura mater (sperm), Music, Gender wars:  EARTH’S CORE – Anxiety, Purgatory:

SATURN’S CORE – Drive, Ambition, Stamina, Psychic energy:  VENUS ‘S CORE- Emotions, Attitude, Imagination, Psychic People:

NEPTUNE’S CORE – Memory, Vocabulary, Language:  MARS’ CORE – Intelligence, Warrior:

SUN & MOON – Equilibrium, Balance & Stability, Disposition:


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Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

EMPATHY – why did it start with rhyme in writing’s beating heart – like music as a rhythm plays upon my senses where it stays, until emotional feelings know why understanding words that flow through rhapsody’s sweet sounding score, brings knowledge never gleaned before.

AFFINITY – will find new ways to mend the heart when music strays – with rhythms sensed, some felt, I hear it’s language whisper very clear. From kindred souls like minds comment on how I’ve gained the energy sent to urge me on until it’s fled – this heartache in my soul and head.

OH HOW I STRUGGLE WITH SPELLING MISTAKES, that spoil my attempts at succeeding – it takes, grammatically correct work, an obstacle I find, that thwarts my attempts at penning what’s on my mind.

Dubious punctuation, hopefully, others understand, as my pauses and clauses can get out of hand.

Oh how I struggle…

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RHYME & REASON: Phenomenon happened to me.

Fact and Fiction's Reality Analogies

A mysterious debilitating, brainstorming illness happened to me when I was sixty (2003) and a voice said, ”you are safe”. I nearly died in order to receive profound enlightenment. I’m still recovering, so I’m not a very logical choice – am I. My Sibyl Medium-ship journey involved a lot of brain clearance, homework and perseverance, driven by encouraging messages from above. I have been promised censorship’s limiting access to THE COSMOS’S ORACLE DATA-BASES.

Nearly everybody has at least four Moons Guiding them – one from each Date-base. Everybody has Titan, because born again babies come from Venus/Saturn: Astro Spiritual Psychic-Mediums have ten.

Stars supply Nuclear power. I’m told that I’ve been given stars of my own, including Procyon & Procyon B, as well as the Hunter’s Sigma. They are each doing a different job ready for POLARIS to connect with my Brain’s Aerial, the Fornix. Only then can the ORACLE…

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From id to ID: Mum & Dad’s DNA & Traits: Up to three egos: Active & Dormant Germs: Hormones and the Mind/Spirit.

FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY born again baby infinitesimal singularity SPIRITS/Minds were sent here to be brought back to life (Purgatory’s GERM Infestation Purging).
Like in the Fairy-tales we were put to sleep (HELL’S AGONIES, COMA) by a GOOD Fairy’s GENES and a GRIEVING GOD-Father & COSMOS, for as long as it took/Takes.

How hard it is to rise up again, out of the ashes of Grief for lost Loved ones.
Historical DNA Egos’ need to be Loved and remembered, Lest we’re forgotten again,
(why were we forsaken GOD?): R.I.P Tombs & graves for those who must feel Earth-bound (Dead receptive brain-cells & Germs’ NIGHTMARE interventions).

How strange we can only follow our legitimate sire-line, even though we girls have the babies and nobody can deny we exist. Lucky Maidens were able to take on the male-line’s name (get wed for protection & paternity acceptance before DNA proof, raped or not) or get stoned etc. ‘Hail Mary!’

Thank GOD for Astro bio sex-changed womb-mien Warrior Angels (our fathers & mothers) who delivered Angel babies after Genesis, and there’s something very powerful & intimidating about Transvestite Alter-Egos Personae (Dames) who are not known for their femininity (ZEUS calls them ball-breakers): their Male-side is often Gentle.

In the end, what’s love got to do with an Achillies’ Heal that started out as a conquest which included (Jane-us) WOO-MEN  –  to make it safe for GODDESSES to be REBORN.

Everybody’s heard of Father Christ-mass’ Children, haven’t they:
Male Elves & Gay fairy Elves and Girl Fairies & elfin Fairies/Pixies

Sibyl X